Hi! I’m J.B.McGee.

When I was a kid, my stepdad said that if I didn’t quit reading books and drawing pictures, I would never amount to anything. But, that didn’t stop me from doing it, and learning from it. One milestone was finding out that design drawing and drafting paid enough to support a family. Loved that work, and being part of a rough and tumble construction trade was the early part of my education. Then after my 3 daughters had been educated and left my nest, I did something I had been wanting to do, which was head back to finish a BA, and MS, for a formal education.

I actually worked my way through 7 years of art school and college as an architectural illustrator. That was before home computers , and with skills I had learned on my own. That was hard work, and wasn’t much fun except for the interesting people I met and worked with.  I invested the time, money, and put up with a lot of teachers who were full of it, because I thought those letters after my name represented a unique level of professionalism. Fortunately there were some really wonderful teachers along the way as well.

Honestly, there  hasn’t been a day I can remember when I wasn’t interested in learning something new, and improving my drawing skills. Crazy, but that’s what I do for fun.  It’s like my toes are over the end of the board when I am surfing the net and seeing better and better tools, and  brilliant work on the horizon. There are more and more opportunities. Keeping up with the technology for schematic and 3D modeling software, and seeing the incredible advances it has provided us designers and drafts-people does take a lot of time and energy, but if you are interested in drawing pictures and reading books, it is a wonderful “purposeful game” to play.  I would love to have “friends” who are also interested so we can share our ideas? So, I am starting this blog to reach out to anyone who would like to participate.

REMOTE DRAFTING and CAD DESIGN: Currently I am earning my living with a lifestyle that allows me the time and energy to do that. I can work from home, or wherever I want to travel.  The equipment is smaller, the less expensive, and more intuitive. Future posts will discuss the tools and methods I use, and I will respond to any questions